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Wedding season is officially here which means dresses galore! Do you tend to wear the same thing to weddings and are trying to branch out a bit but don’t know where to start? Well look no further because I’ve compiled some gorgeous options for any wedding occasion whether it be casual, cocktail, or formal.


When putting together a casual wedding outfit, stay away from formal gowns and cocktail dresses. Try effortless jumpsuits, skirts with blouses, or a sundress. Something that is easy breezy. Casual weddings are a great opportunity to have fun with prints and colors, as the dress code typically isn’t as strict.


Probably the most common attire for weddings, cocktail outfits are a mix of casual and formal. You can still play up patters and colors, but the structure of the dress should be more formal. I think lace detailing and off the shoulder styles are so chic right now, and I love that they can be both edgy and timeless.


For formal occasions, it is imperative to lean toward classic looks and longer hems. I still think it is okay to play up necklines and minor cut-out details, but everything should be done with taste. If you are going to opt for color, I would suggest a more muted tone such as a deep blue or red, as well as neutral hues.

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