Closet Purge Checklist

It’s that time of the year. Spring is upon us and with that comes spring cleaning. I am not the biggest fan of cleaning (just ask my husband!), but I L O V E organizing. They kind of go hand in hand, right? Whenever there is a shift in the season, something comes over me and I feel a strong urge to organize and edit my closet. Every year I use the start of the spring season as an opportunity to do a complete closet purge. I then make a point to do smaller seasonal edits throughout the year to maintain balance, which is what I have found to be most helpful and beneficial in keeping an organized closet.

I believe that the clothes we wear should have a purpose so that they are not just taking up valuable space in our closet. Our clothes should be items that best serve us. How can clothes serve us? Well, I’m glad you asked! I live by three keys when it comes to deciding what stays and what goes: Fit, Confidence, and Lifestyle.

When editing your closet, pull everything out a-la Marie Kondo. If the item does not fall within the three keys, it is then time to decide what you would like to do with the item. I respect the Kondo method and definitely believe in it’s magic, but I’ve tweaked it a little to fit what works for me which is dividing everything into four categories: Sell/Gift, Donate, Toss, and Store.



This seems obvious, but if it doesn’t fit you anymore it’s time to move on. If you’re like me and you kept on some weight after having a baby, or if you had a recent lifestyle change that caused you to shed some pounds, just let go of what no longer serves you. When I started my closet purge, I had a little bit of a hard time with this because there were some pieces that (I thought) held sentimental value to me. I was constantly telling myself “I’ll wear this when I drop xx amount of pounds” which ended up just making me feel angry at myself and also put an unhealthy amount of pressure on me. I am still not at my pre-baby weight. It may take me some more time or I may never get there, but guess what? I AM FINE WITH IT! Okay, I won’t get started on a tangent about the insane pressure society puts on women to lose baby weight like, the next day after giving birth, but anywho – if it doesn’t fit you anymore, just put it aside and buy some awesome pieces that will fit your body in the most perfect way, because that’s what your body is — perfect!


Do you feel confident wearing the pieces in your closet? When you put it on, does it make you think “I look damn good!” or “meh”? If your answer is the latter, be like Elsa and LET. IT. GO. There is no value in holding on to items that you don’t feel your absolute best in. Maybe you purchased something on a whim because you liked the pattern (*raises hand*) or some other random reason, so be sure to try each piece on and see how you feel because you deserve to look and feel your absolute best in what you wear!


Life is constantly evolving and changing, which means our wardrobe should be as well. A woman who works from home will certainly have a different closet than a woman who has a 9-5 corporate office job. If you’ve had any recent lifestyle change (ie: received a promotion that requires you to dress more professionally; just graduated college and landed your first “big-girl” job; moved to a city with a different climate for work; etc.) it is a good idea to make sure your closet is reflective of that change.

Things to Consider:

If you haven’t worn an item in one year, it’s time to give it up. Some may say this is not enough time, but I disagree. If you haven’t worn it for one entire year, re-visit the three keys and ask yourself why you aren’t wearing it. Now, of course if you are experiencing some life change such as pregnancy that is preventing you from wearing your favorite top, by all means hold on to that gem and do another assessment next year. I included the option to store certain pieces for sentimental items such as a wedding dress.

Invest your money in great quality wardrobe staples which will create a capsule wardrobe base and don’t splurge on fun trendy items that won’t hold value throughout the years.

For every new item I purchase, I make sure to clear one piece out. This has helped me in a couple of ways: (1) It makes me think twice before I purchase an item during one of my “I have money burning a hole in my pocket let me buy all of the things” phases. and (2) It also helps me maintain a clean and clear closet that is reflective of both capsule pieces and trendy fun seasonal items.

Other helpful tips:
  • Organize closet by category and then color
  • Invest in high-quality matching hangers (it makes a world of a difference!)
  • If space is an issue, divide your pieces into summer and winter categories and pack away the non-seasonal clothes

For your reference, I’ve included a free downloadable closet clean-out checklist!

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