Snapshots of London (Part 1)

Hello!, Cheerio!, and Hallo!

After being awake for 23 hours and traveling for 21 hours, I am finally home. I have some great pictures coming to you once I get organized and out of that vacation mindset. For now, here are some photos I took on a double decker red London tour bus.

London was absolutely beautiful and we were blessed with good weather during our travels. I love that city and I can’t wait to go back!

(Note: all of my Europe photos were taken with my iPhone, as I forgot my Nikon :(, so I aplogize for the lack of quality in these images and those coming)

LondonBus1 LondonBus2 LondonBus3 LondonBus4 LondonBus5 LondonBus6 LondonBus7


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