Happiness Project Report: March

March was a busy month for me. I had a jam packed half marathon training schedule, an out of town wedding to attend, a concert, and a check list of errands and housekeeping items to handle. The goal for March was to aim higher. This meant that I wanted to keep up with my blog through regular postings, as well as network more. I also wanted to find the beauty in my long runs, which was fitting for March as my half marathon was held this month.
First, I wanted to get on a regular schedule and write more posts on my blog. This was my weakest area of March’s challenges. I started this month with this fiery passion to post every day of March, but that seemed to burn out quick. While I had hoped to post more than four posts this month, I’m not too bummed out about it. I remembered what I told myself after I came back from my blogging hiatus, ‘I can’t promise you that there will be five posts a week like the glory days, but I can promise you that when I do post, it will be something of value to me.’ 5/10
Next on my list was to network more. I did quite well in this department. Some of it was because I reached out, but most of the opportunities presented themselves to me. As soon as I put in the Universe that I wanted to network more, prospects started flowing in. I had an awesome opportunity to visit an up and coming nail salon in San Francisco, a held my first Instagram giveaway with Synergy Organic Clothing, and I have connected with and established future plans with other companies. I can’t wait to see what is in store and I hope this network ball keeps on rolling. This month also brought an opportunity for me to participate in my first photoshoot in a year! It felt so good to be back in the game. 9/10
Lastly, I wished to find the beauty in my long runs. This was absolutely, 100%, without a doubt, mastered. My first half marathon was completed and I surprised myself with how well I did. The nerves and anxiety faded away, and it was just me and the open trail. You can read all about this experience here. 10/10
My plan is to keep up this motivation and passion for my blog throughout the year, and while I may not be training for a half marathon right now, I still want to keep running. With these months just flying by, an April report will be coming sooner than you think! Until then, aim higher.;

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