Happiness Project Report: February

February was all about love in my Happiness Project. The goal was to focus on my relationship with my boyfriend and work on being a better partner. Embarrassingly, this sometimes proved difficult for me. I will be the first to admit that I am not the easiest person in the world. I like things done my way and I can be incredibly stubborn. I like to take lead in all aspects of my life and have a hard time giving up even the slightest bit of control. With that said, I took on this month knowing it would be hard for me at times, but decided to go full force with it anyway. Here is how I think I faired:
Two of my goals for this month were to stop nagging and expecting praise. With these two, I think I did really well. Once I realized how annoying nagging is, I decided to give it up permanently. I nag because, well, I have a hard time giving up control. When I need something done, it will repeat over and over in my head until it gets done. I had an incident with my car early on in the month that my boyfriend said he would take care of. Naturally, I was insane about fixing it in time – and by in time I mean a timely manner that I felt was appropriate – , but finally decided to let go and give up control and guess what? Everything got fixed. This was a big revelation and relief for me. It is something I definitely want and need to continue working on, and I am so glad that I had this project in the back of my mind to remind me. 8/10
No dumping. This was the toughest for me. My boyfriend is many things to me. He is my lover, my confidant, my best friend, my source of encouragement and strength. It is hard to remember boundaries when I feel the closest to him out of everyone in my life. If something goes wrong in my day or someone just plain irritates me, he is the person I go to. Now, I do believe in being there for one another and in telling your significant other everything, but there are some instances where I think it’s best to share things with a friend or just keep it to yourself. My boyfriend doesn’t need to listen to me shamelessly gossip or vent about a behavior I don’t understand or like in someone else. Honestly, all it does is make me feel hostile and angry for thinking about it again and bring his mood down. My new rule of thumb: Think before I word dump. If it’s beneficial and positive, share. If not, let it go. 5/10
Since February is known as being the month of love, I wanted to take this chance to give proofs of love. I always try to do little things like leave notes, send lovey texts, and make effort to visit him at work on my day off, so I felt like this was going to be an easy task for me. I made an effort to make these little acts of love happen more often. This, I feel, is the most important task of any relationship. Never let the love escape you and always remember to remind the one the one you’re with how magical they truly are. 9/10
February was a short but sweet month full of love and laughs! I’m starting March’s project shortly and will be carrying on what I learned in January and February. Keep on loving and remember to keep an eye out for my next report!

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