iMerchandise: The Art of Buying

I’ve had the opportunity to be an assistant buyer for the owner of one of my favorite boutiques in Midtown, Sacramento. Buying is a fun process, however, it can be incredibly tedious and overwhelming at times. There’s a lot to consider when embarking on a buying trip – How much of a product should you order? What does your clientele want to wear next season? What colors, patterns, and trends will be prominent?

With all of this to consider, organizing and ordering should be as simple as possible.
iMerchandise is a great solution to the stress of buying. iMerchandise allows the user to combine fashion week photos and line sheets from multiple showrooms and turn them all into polished looks. iMerchandise can be used to develop and send orders to vendors and coordinate deliveries, all within your time constraints. You can easily input your merchandise budgets and keep tabs on your dollars, putting an end to over buying anxiety.’ The app also allows for calendar organization to schedule all your upcoming shows and inspiration boards to keep track of what caught your eye.

The best part? The app is free! With iMerchandise, rest assured that the next time you attend a fashion show, you will have a virtual personal assistant making your buying experience less stressful.

This post is in collaboration with iMerchandise, but all opinions are my own.

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