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Sacramento often gets a bad rep. People see it as a boring place with no culture and nothing to do. While Sacramento may not be a prominent social, fashion, or art scene as other major cities in California, I believe in finding the magic in the ordinary. Sacramento will always be home for me and will a place that I treasure forever.
Outside1 Outside2I love that the mountains and beach are each two hours away. If I want a day trip getaway, I can find it in the snowy mountains of Lake Tahoe or the gorgeous beaches of the coast.
PrideIf there’s one thing Sacrament does have, it’s pride. From trying to make our city a better place to keeping our basketball team in our city – where they belong! -, Sacramento goes all out.
Street art
StreetArt1 StreetArt2I love wandering the streets of Midtown Sacramento and finding little treasures. Whether its a mural on a house by local artist David Garibaldi or graffiti on walls, there is beauty everywhere you look.
SkylineOne plus about not living in a crowded, over populated city is the opportunity to view lovely sunrises and sunsets in open space. I don’t need to go on a roof top to get a good view, I can just walk right outside my front door.
Food diversity
FoodSacramento has great restaurants, cafes and breweries to really get down to some food business. Brunch is my favorite weekend activity and I have found some seriously great brunch friendly spots at Tuli (image featured above), Tower Cafe, Bacon + Butter, Capitol Garage, and Orphan. For italian food, my go-to is Paesanos. I am surprised no one from there recognizes me yet, since I’m always there! I also love Tres Hermanas and Zocalos for Mexican / Spanish dishes.
Outside escapes
EscapeBefore my favorite activity (brunch), I like finding peace and quiet in the outdoors on the weekend. Sacramento offers a free yoga class every Saturday morning through Yoga Across America which is a great activity to do solo or with friends. I also love going for runs in the morning along the river.
These are my favorite things about Sacramento! Hopefully this will inspire locals to find more pride in their city and outsiders to book a trip through the town.

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