Who, What, Where? A List of 2014 Goals

A new year is a gift. It’s a time to start over and refresh yourself and your life. 2013 was a great year for me, and I checked off a lot of things on my goal list. What I found interesting, however, was that I changed my feelings towards some of the things I thought I wanted in the beginning of the year. That’s what’s so cool to me about creating goal lists. Ultimately, the things that matter most to you are the things you will accomplish and bring into your life. For 2014, I have listed some specific, some non-specific goals that I would like for myself this year.
Health / Fitness Goals
· Exercise 3 times a week
· Drink more water
· Get back in to Bikram Yoga
· Complete a half marathon
· Eat less processed food
· Explore a new country in Europe
· Boston
· Palm Springs / Joshua Tree National Park
· Big Sur
· Hike once a month
· Camp Yosemite
· Swim under a waterfall
· Skydive
· Yoga retreat
· Gratitude journal
· Read more
· Stress less
· See more sunrises
· Learn how to cook
I don’t expect myself to complete all the items on my list, but my hope is to accomplish 80%. Here’s to accomplishing goals and creating a happy, challenging, and exciting new year!


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