Gratitude: A Simple Concept with Big Reward

Gratitude. It’s a simple concept that unfortunately is sometimes hard to remember. I know I occasionally take many of my blessings for granted. I try to acknowledge this when I feel like I am having a crappy day, to remind myself that things could be a lot worse. After all, what ultimately matters in life, I have. The things that I stress myself out about or worry about too much is a waste of time. I know this, but still, I struggle with it every day.
My plan for 2014 is to start a gratitude journal. I hope that it will be a therapeutic method to relieve my mind of the useless stress. I also think writing down what I am grateful for will create more positive energy in my life. I am a big believer in the recycling of energy: you get back the energy you put in the universe.
As I write this post and reflect back on 2013, I feel so blessed to be living the life I live. I have a stable, good job which allows me to take time off to get my wanderlust fix. I have wonderful, caring friends. An amazing, loving boyfriend. A lovely family who I would be nowhere without. A dog who makes me laugh every single day. With a life this lucky and full of love, how can I not have a heart full of gratitude?
2013 Travel
I’ve been to Coachella in Indio, CA. Vegas twice this year. Disneyland twice this year. Monterey, Lake Tahoe, and Santa Cruz. In all, I’ve seen beautiful sunsets in the desert, hiked through the mountains, did yoga on the beach, and played in Sin City and The Happiest Place on Earth twice. Not too shabby.
2013 Concerts
I mentioned Coachella above, so I won’t include that in this list as Coachella to me is an experience, not just a concert. I started the year off with the magical voice of Ed Sheeran, saw one of my bucket list bands: Fleetwood Mac with my mom, had a back to back music weekend with Mumford and Sons in Berkeley and Imagine Dragons the next day in San Francisco. John Mayer as my summer concert followed by Taylor Swift a month later.
2013 Milestones
In January I started my Bikram journey. I have not been active in it as of late, since I have been training for my first half marathon and putting all of my energy into that, but I look forward to getting back into that hot room. I had a first date with my love, two friends of mine got married in ceremonies I was honored to be a part of, I went camping for the first time (Weird, I know!), and watched as my good friend participated in her first Nike Women’s Half Marathon. Each one of these occasions have inspired me this year and I feel blessed to have been a participant in all of them.
This year has granted me so many opportunities of love and growth. I am excited to start 2014 with an open heart ready to take in more love and light.

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