New Direction

A lot has changed since I first started my blog. For one, I am head over heels in love with (in my opinion) the best man on the planet. For the first time ever, I now see my future as something that is shared. I won’t get too mushy-mush, but simply, I am happy. Also, I now have a son. A fur son. His name is Rufio and he is a huge source of joy in my life. Even though at times he drives me crazy (as well as my roommate, who jokes – I hope – that she is going to throw him in the trash can), he is everything to me.
Moving on, I have had a huge break from blogging. A lot of that has to do with some self reflection on what truly makes me happy. What originally started as a creative outlet for me, turned into something that added stress in my life. ‘I [generously] received this blogger mail, I have to get something posted by this date.’ ‘How many hits am I getting today?’ ‘I have this tweet-up and I must make ___ amount of connections today.’ In short, I felt as though I started blogging for others, rather than myself and because of this, my posts turned into crap. I decided that I would rather not post at all, than post crap just to have an e-mail go out to all 1,182 of you.
During my absence, I’ve often thought about this blog and how I felt as though I had abandoned my first ‘baby’, but I didn’t know a proper way to get back into the game. I know for certain, that I want to change the direction of my blog a little bit. During my self reflection, I also took a long look into the dark side of fashion. The fashion industry is not something I admire, for many reasons, but I wont get in to that now. However, I do love fashion. I believe in the power of it. I know that when I put a certain outfit together, I feel good. I feel confident. I believe it is an art. That there is no ‘wrong’ way to wear clothes. That concept, I still want to highlight on my blog.
I can’t promise you that there will be five posts a week like the glory days, but I can promise you that when I do post, it will be something of value to me. It won’t be the same filler crap that you can read on any other blog. It will hopefully be fun, inspiring and true to myself.
Thank you, truly, for taking the time to read this. I hope you stick with me on this new chapter of SEQUINS + STUDS.



  1. ariannashiine
    November 8, 2013 / 12:43 pm

    I bet your roommate would only dream of trash canning that pup just to see him get old spaghetti on his giant ears, or something…just a guess. Lol I won’t actually put him in a trashcan, but he may need to go on some type of yoga retreat to find himself and learn to enjoy life without that constant bark!
    I am glad you’re blogging again…and don’t completely abandon fashion, or I will find myself too timid to wear such creative outfits.
    I love you!

  2. November 8, 2013 / 7:31 pm

    ahahahhaha the trashcan thing, yep I’ve heard that. No worries, she knows where Leila will end up if she actually does it!

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