Trend Report: Hats Off!

As someone who is not typically a fan of hats, I was surprised at how taken I was by the hats seen on the runway at New York Fashion Week.  From baseball caps with a contemporary twist to hats shaped like lampshades, one thing is clear: hats are this winter’s hottest accessory.  From watching the shows, I noticed how much of a statement one hat can make.  Adding a hat to your wardrobe can transform any look into whatever mood you’re in.  For instance, BCBG incorporated slouchy beanies into their collection for a 90’s grunge feel.  Those models looked like total bad asses!  Herve Leger took the baseball cap and made it modern, giving the models a casually cool, yet tough, look.  And Oscar De La Renta, well, he took hats to another level.  His models graced the runway looking incredible chic and sophisticated.

Hats1 Hats2 Hats3(

After seeing this hot accessory worn different ways, I have been converted into a hat gal.  What’s your favorite style hat seen on the runway? Sound off!

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