DIY: Heart on a String

What you need:
Any size piece of wood, just make sure it’s at least 1in thick
Spray paint
Paper (whatever size you want the heart outline to be)
Nails (I used Grip-Rite phosphate coated 1-3/8in)
String (I used thin neon pink nylon rope from Home Depot, but any yarn or string will work)

1. Use sandpaper to smooth wood

2. Spray paint wood

3. While wood is drying, draw and cut out your heart pattern

4. Once the paint is dry, place heart cut out onto wood and make dots to border the heart. The distance between each dot is up to you, depending on how many nails you want to use to outline the heart

5. Hammer the nails onto the dots to create your outline

6. Start stringing! Tie the rope around the head of a nail and go from there. To create the border, I wrapped the string around two nails at a time. There isn’t a right or wrong way to string your heart, just have fun with it!

7. Once your happy with your heart, cut the rope, tie it to a nail and ENJOY!

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