Coachella Cool

This year was my second time attending the Coachella music festival and it blew my mind (hologram Tupac, anyone?) Yes, Coachella always has amazing artists and performances, but it’s the atmosphere and my fellow Coachellians that make it such a great weekend.

Coachella fashion is one of my most favorite things about this festival, mostly because it’s where I feel at home with my style. At home, I constantly get called a gypsy or hippie for the way I dress but there, I am a small fish in the giant hippie fashion pond.

I was planning on doing my own Coachella Street Style piece for my blog but was so excited to leave, I forgot my camera. Major fail. However, I was involved with Coachella Street Style, but not in the way I planned to be.

Friday morning, I was sitting in one of the charging stations on the campgrounds when a girl approached me and said she was a fashion blogger in Chicago and asked if she could snap a couple pictures of my outfit. I didn’t think much of it but happily agreed to step outside for some shots. After she handed me her business card, I checked out her blog and read through it until it was time to head into the festival. I had a feeling it would become one of my standard fashion blogs I browse through on a daily basis.

Cut to this afternoon – I’m scrolling through my Instagram timeline and see my face in one of ModCloth‘s Instagram pictures. Whaaaaaaat? Turns out, the girl behind the fun Trés Awesome blog was ModCloth’s guest Coachella Street Style Instagrammer. Crazy. Awesome. Rad. 

Thank you Emma of Trés Awesome and ModCloth for featuring me! 🙂

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